Monday, 24 September 2012

Decline in European road freight transport in 2011 reflecting the economic climate

Eurostat Statistics in focus Issue number 38/2012

Analysis of trends in EU road freight transport


  • European road freight transport declined in 2011 in terms of tonne-kilometres (tkm) after a slight recovery in 2010, reflecting the economic climate.
  • However, there was a small rise in tonnage terms. Cabotage bucked the trend by growing strongly in 2011.
  • National, international and cross trade transport declined.
  • Latvia, Lithuania and Bulgaria recorded a strong rise in tkm performed, while Italy registered a significant decline.
  • Household and office removals transport rose sharply in 2011.
  • Construction industry related products are the major group in tonnage terms; food dominates transport in tkm.
  • Transport for all distance classes is below the 2007 level. European road freight transport under 300 km decreased by 9% between 2007 and 2011.
  • Poland achieved growth in all distance classes in 2011, while Bulgaria saw growth in all but the very shortest distances, less than 50 km. A strong rise is observed in shorter distance movements of transport equipment.

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