Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Excuses, excuses, excuses

Actually I think these are more “reasons” but we are not going to argue, are we?

I had to get up at what was, for me, a completely unheard of time of day to take one of my two dogs for a long walk and then to the vet to be spayed. Did a bit of shopping on the way back.

Having got home and had one, and only one, cup of coffee and a bite to eat, read a few emails and updated Facebook (I have the feed the addictions on a daily basis) I set out to walk to the GP’s surgery.
Long wait because something had gone wrong with the booking system but well worth it as I have been referred for some psychological support in view of the “wobble” I experienced a couple of weeks ago.
Went to the bank on the way home, had lunch and thought “now I have time to turn two or three drafts into posts”.

Vet has phoned to say the dog is fine. Please come and collect in an hour. Since it takes half an hour to walk there I will need to leave fairly soon. Another cuppa and that will be my limit.

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