Monday, 17 September 2012

Using and Sharing LMI to Inform Future Choices

This practical guide authored by Abigail Diamond, Simon Bysshe, Lindsey Bowes and Sophie Spong is published by UKCES (UK Commission for Employment and Skills) for managers in career organisations that want to improve the way that advisers use and share career related LMI.

The guide identifies five areas that organisations wishing improve their organisational practice can focus on:
  • vision and strategy
  • partnerships
  • systems and processes
  • resources
  • professional development.
Practical examples from a range of organisations across Great Britain are included as well as tips from people working in the field.

Effective career guidance is underpinned by robust information and intelligence about the labour market. Good LMI helps advisers to answer questions such as ‘what is the age and gender of people in different parts of the labour market?’, ‘where are the jobs in my local area?’, ‘what skills do I need to do a particular job?’, ‘what am I likely to earn in a particular job?’ There are numerous sources of LMI but it can be difficult for advisers to know what the best source is and where to access this.

The UK Commission carried out work to identify the organisations that are using and sharing career-related LMI effectively and has published a series of reports. This report is a practical guide for managers in careers organisations that want to improve the way that career-related LMI is used and shared. It draws on the experience of people working in the field and provides examples. Names and contact details are included so that users of the guide who would like further information can contact them.

Full report (PDF 30pp)

The other reports available are a research report (PDF 58pp) which includes the 12 detailed case studies and a summary (PDF 6pp) of the first stage of the research which identifies some of the challenges and issues for advisers.

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