Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Have you ever had one of those days?

I had not realised what was happening to me until it was nearly over. The mental health “wobble” of last week was, I thought, completely behind me and I posted six items on Monday without too much difficulty.

Tuesday, as in yesterday, was altogether different. I knew that a visit to the vet with little dog and then shopping on the way home would mean a late start but it wasn't until I’d coped with a couple of phone calls and done some reading that I realised the working day was just about over.

Wednesday, that’s today. It’s already eleven o’clock and I have little to show for having been sitting at my desk for well over an hour.

Talking to myself – is not the first sign of madness.
Pump up the determination levels, the confidence levels and attack the backlog of drafts waiting to be shared before they get so old that it’s not worth the effort.

Thanks for listening.

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