Thursday, 31 May 2012

UNESCO: Transforming technical and vocational education and training

This UNESCO study looks in depth at the major trends and policy developments in technical and vocational education and training (tVet) since the second International Congress held in Seoul in 1999. This work has two main objectives.

The first is to analyse world trends in tVet in the context of wider development trends since the second International Congress.

The second is to advance conceptual and policy debates on tVet to address persisting challenges and to proceed towards future frontiers.

The work takes stock of the current situation and asks what policy measures might now be taken, in times of economic uncertainty, to facilitate tVet learning and skills progression by more young people and adults.

This study is available here for download in all the 6 UN Official Languages: English (PDF 28pp), French,  Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Arabic.
Note: I don’t know whether the internet was on a go-slow but that took ages to download in order to check link and number of pages! Interesting read if you can get it.
via UN Pulse from U.N. Dag Hammarskjöld Library

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