Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Active mlearning opportunities offered by a prototype template of a new web-based SBLi™ interface for smartphones

an article by Hardy Ernst and John Harrison published in International Journal of Mobile Learning and Organisation Volume 6 Number 1 (2012)


This paper introduces a new smartphone interface that allows students to access existing scenario-based learning activities on the SBLi™ platform (www.sblinteractive.org).

Leveraging student-owned technology for academic benefit, the SBLi™ smartphone interface offers high impact, anywhere anytime, active learning opportunities. Given a choice, about a third of students accessed the scenario-based learning activities via mobile devices.

We found no differences in student attainment of learning outcomes based on summative assessment between the desktop SBLi™ version and SBLi™ mobile version. However, most students owning smartphones do not use it for mobile learning, yet many welcome scenario-based mobile learning applications. Ease of usage and navigability of mobile learning applications are vital.

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