Monday, 28 May 2012

New report examines graduate destinations by age

Over the past ten years, AGCAS, through some of its task groups, has funded research reports into the destinations of disabled graduates and ethnic minority graduates.

For the first time this year, research has been undertaken into the destinations of graduates categorised by age, to examine whether age impacts on a graduate's post-graduation employment prospects.

Data analysis
Commissioned by the AGCAS Diversity Task Group and written by the authors of the What Happens Next? series of reports, What Happens Next: Age Report has produced some very interesting results:
  • overall, older graduates are performing well compared to more traditional aged graduates;
  • older graduates who had completed their degrees in a part-time mode of study generally performed better than those that had studied full-time;
  • higher proportions of older graduates were in full-time employment than younger ones, and less were engaged in further study (however the rate of unemployment was slightly higher amongst older graduates);
  • higher proportions of older graduates were engaged in graduate level work, and they also tended to earn more.
What Happens Next: Age Report is available to AGCAS members who have registered with the website. Non-members will need to find a member who has a copy of the report in order to read it.

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