Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Today has not been a good day

Getting up close and personal on this blog is not something I do very often but …

Most of my regular readers are probably aware that I have been struggling with depression for some time now – mostly under control with the help of medication. However, ten or so days ago I reacted badly to an external situation and opted out of normal living for a couple of days.

The result of this is that instead of bringing you six or even eight abstracts of articles from journals I've been reading (glancing through tables of contents) today I have managed only two. I am learning that feeling ashamed of this illness is not a sensible option but shame is certainly part of what I feel – and, of course, the loss of control is frightening.

I'm on a bus at the moment taking advantage of Stagecoach Gold's WiFi and am feeling confident that after an evening with daughter and grand-daughters I shall be more like the me I know and recognise not this quivering wreck who thinks that everything she says and does is wrong.

Rant, if that is what this is, over. Thanks for reading, if you got this far.

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