Thursday, 24 May 2012

The information culture of a megalopolis: The unity of diversity

an article by N. V. Lopatina and O. B. Sladkova (Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, Russia) published in Scientific and Technical Information Processing Volume 39 Number 1 (2012)


A new concept, viz., the information culture of a megalopolis, is introduced into academic discourse. This concept is analyzed through the lens of modern scientific theories and specific social practices.

Hazel’s comment:
This must be one of the shortest abstracts I have ever published via this blog. The reason I’ve included it when normally I wouldn't bother with something that imparts so little information is the use of a word of which I had previously never heard. Megalopolis is a massive city, or a merging of cities as in the area of the USA known as BosWash (Boston joined to Washington). What I fail to understand is why the authors thought that the information culture of a mega city would be much different from a non-mega city. Perhaps if your institution has access to this journal you could glance at the article and let the rest of us update our knowledge.

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