Thursday, 17 May 2012

Educational Services in Second Life: A study based on flow theory

an article by Joana Forte (Integrated Colleges of Ceara, Brazil), Danielle Gomes (State University of Ceara, Brazil) and Cláudio Nogueira and Carlos Cavalcante de Almeida (University of Fortaleza, Brazil) published in International Journal of Web-Based Learning and Teaching Technologies Volume 6 Issue 2 (2011)


Among many changes influenced by the Internet, interactivity in spaces that promote relationships, entertainment, and businesses can be highlighted. Considering this, Second Life stands out because it is a tridimensional online environment which imitates human real social life.

Despite social and commercial influences, Second Life suggests a new format for e-learning. Then, the question of how to explore the facets of an online learning environment may be answered by Flow Theory. Hence, the main objective of this paper is to analyze the most significant antecedent and subsequent relations of the Flow Experience in the Second Life’s educational environment, based on Novak, Hoffman, and Yung (2000).

This research used tools from multivariate statistical analysis such as confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling. The results confirmed the hypotheses, indicating that there is flow in Second Life's e-learning environment, with interactive speed, exploratory behavior and telepresence as the most significant constructs detected.

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