Friday, 12 July 2013

To Infinity and Beyond: Using a Narrative Approach to Identify Training Needs for Unknown and Dynamic Situations

an article by Alison M. Dachner, Brian M. Saxton and Raymond A. Noe (The Ohio State University, USA) and Kathryn E. Keeton (The Wyle/NASA Johnson Space Center, USA) published in Human Resource Development Quarterly Volume 24 Issue 2 (Summer 2013)


Training effectiveness depends on conducting a thorough needs assessment.

Traditional needs assessment methods are insufficient for today’s business environment characterised by rapid pace, risk, and uncertainty. To overcome the deficiencies of traditional needs assessment methods, a narrative-based unstructured interview approach with subject matter experts (SMEs) is proposed for dynamic jobs in uncertain environments.

First, the rationale for a narrative approach to training needs assessment is presented.

Second, the utility of a narrative approach is examined using SME interviews from National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to identify crew training needs for a future long duration mission.

Third, the value of a narrative approach and importance of training are discussed with respect to the
NASA interview results along with managerial and theoretical implications.

Hazel’s comment:
I can fully understand NASA needing this approach to training. Is it needed in other organisations/industries? Probably because it is all about assessing response to unlikely situations.

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