Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Local worklessness policy analysis case studies

A report of research carried out by Warwick Institute for Employment Research on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP RR 844)


There is an increasing emphasis on localisation and the delivery of services through local and multi agency partnerships; this report investigates the issues around undertaking policy analysis at the local level.

The study is based on a case study approach providing insights into experience and practice of local partnerships and bodies in three areas: Greater Manchester, Lewisham and Cornwall.

This research provides local case study insights into:
  • the extent to which analysis is undertaken at the local level to assess local worklessness interventions;
  • whether and how local policy analysis is used to inform current and future interventions;
  • the range of ‘good practice’ in local worklessness analysis;
  • barriers to conducting analysis;
  • the nature, scope and efficacy of existing arrangements to share local analysis; and
  • local partners’ appetite for a ‘framework’ for the analysis of local worklessness interventions and for dissemination of findings.
Full text (PDF 66pp)

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