Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The bag is nearly empty

My usual practice for getting these blog posts written is to scan a whole load of journals in my reader (goodbye Google Reader, hello Feedly) and mark up abstracts for the articles that I think will interest you.

These items sit in Blogger (just my luck that will be the next thing that Google trashes) and I pick out five or six each day, do a little bit of twiddling and tweaking so that items look roughly similar and hey, presto.

It’s the first part of the operation that takes the time, reading through a table of contents, deciding whether it is worth my time to read the abstract, and then wondering whether you, my reader, will be interested.

Emailing into Blogger is clunkier that it was with Reader but it does work!

So, what is on the agenda for today?


Unless I go back and pick up a load of drivel for which you would not thank me there is very little coming. A few LMI items and then I’m into August’s journals already.

We could be down to three or four items a day for a while unless the quality picks up quite dramatically.

Ramble over!

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