Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Contributions of Social Status and Family Support to College Students’ Career Decision Self-Efficacy and Outcome Expectations

an article by Jennifer Metheny and Ellen Hawley McWhirter (University of Oregon, Eugene, USA) published in Journal of Career Assessment Volume 21 Number 3 (August 2013)


The purpose of this study was to better understand the roles of social status and family support in the career decision making of young adults in college.

We tested a path model predicting career decision self-efficacy and career-related outcome expectations in a sample of 270 male and female undergraduate students. Predictor variables included family of origin socioeconomic status, perceived social status, perceived family support, and intentional family career-related interactions.

The sample was randomly split into a calibration sample and a validation sample. Based on a path analysis with the calibration sample, the hypothesised model was modified, and a multiple group analysis was used to test for model invariance for the revised model.

The results of this study suggest that both family status and family support are associated with social cognitive career development outcomes. Implications for both research and practice are discussed.

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