Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Age-Appropriate Transition Assessment: The Position of the Division on Career Development and Transition

an article by Debra A. Neubert (University of Maryland, College Park, USA) and Pamela J. Leconte (The George Washington University, DC, USA) published in Career Development and Transition for Exceptional Individuals Volume 36 Number 2 (August 2013)


Age-appropriate transition assessment (TA) serves as the foundation for youth with disabilities to identify measurable postsecondary goals and to determine necessary transition services to pursue such goals during the secondary school years.

This position paper provides guidelines for special educators, transition specialists, and other members of the Individualized Education Program team to work with youth with disabilities, their families, and interagency personnel in providing ongoing TA.

The Division on Career Development and Transition endorses this position paper, which identifies federal policy; definitions, terms, and purposes; a conceptual framework and process; and competencies for personnel involved in age-appropriate TA.

Hazel’s comment:
Whilst this article is about a specific programme in the USA I believe the article contains some useful thought for UK advisers.

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