Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Development and Validation of the Career Competencies Indicator (CCI)

an article by Jan Francis-Smythe, Sandra Haase, Erica Thomas and Catherine Steele (University of Worcester, UK) published in Journal of Career Assessment Volume 21 Number 2 (May 2013)


This article describes the development and validation of the Career Competencies Indicator (CCI); a 43-item measure to assess career competencies (CCs).

Following an extensive literature review, a comprehensive item generation process involving consultation with subject matter experts, a pilot study and a factor analytic study on a large sample yielded a seven-factor structure;
  • goal setting and career planning,
  • self-knowledge,
  • job performance,
  • career-related skills,
  • knowledge of (office) politics,
  • career guidance and networking, and
  • feedback seeking and self-presentation.
Coefficient α reliabilities of the seven dimensions ranged from .93 to .81. Convergent validity was established by showing that all 7-CCs loaded substantially onto a single second-order factor representing the general CC construct. Discriminant validity was established by showing less than chance similarity between the 7-CCI subscales and the Big Five personality scales. The results also suggested criterion-related validity of the CCI, since CCs were found to jointly predict objective and subjective career success.

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