Monday, 29 July 2013

Going from bad to worse? Social policy and the demise of the Social Fund

an article by Mark Drakeford and Kirrin Davidson (University of Cardiff, UK) published in Critical Social Policy Volume 33 Number 3 (August 2013)


This paper considers the origins and traces the history of the Social Fund, an ideologically-motivated social policy departure of the Thatcher era.

It identifies the controversy, in research communities amongst others, which surrounded the establishment of the Fund, and considers the evidence of recurring difficulties in its practical operation over a thirty-year period. It then turns to the Coalition administration in Westminster’s decision to divest itself of responsibility for key parts of the Fund, devolving such obligations to local authorities in England, the Parliament in Scotland and the Assembly in Wales.

The paper sets out a comparison of the approaches being developed to discharge the Fund’s prior responsibilities in the three nations.

It concludes that the essential policy thrust lies in a determination to roll back central state obligations in poverty relief and income maintenance which had hitherto been accepted by all post-war administrations.

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