Monday, 15 July 2013

Second Career Labour Markets: Assessing Challenges – Advancing Policies

a research paper from Bertelsmann Stiftung (Germany) and European Policy Centre (Brussels) Laura Naegele, Eric Thode and Claire Dhéret named as responsible

Executive summary (introduction)

Europe’s population is ageing and its workforce is continuously shrinking. At the same time people live longer and they are healthier and fitter which allows them to participate in society and the labour market far beyond their 60’s. In order to secure growth prospects and innovation within the EU, labour market integration of older workers is imperative and recent years have shown that more and more retirees keep engaged in the labour market. Although all-over conditions seem to be favourable, existing barriers and disincentives still hamper employment prospects of older workers often resulting in premature withdrawal from the labour force.

While the assessment of the situation appears to be quite clear, a considerable number of questions still exist when it comes to encouraging older workers to stay in the labour market, on the one hand, and to adjusting European labour markets in order to facilitate longer decent working lives, on the other:

How should labour market institutions be reshaped in order to provide easier access to employment?

How can enterprises and social partners contribute to enhancing employment opportunities for older workers?

And how can workers themselves take more initiative to maintain and improve their employability?

This study addresses these questions by assessing the current challenges faced by older workers and putting forward policy recommendations on four distinct levels comprising government, social partners, enterprises as well as individuals. Building upon the most recent research findings and the expertise of a task force of renowned experts this research does not claim to offer a “one-size-fits-all” strategy for all EU Member States. Complemented by a series of best practice case studies the assessments and proposals found herein are rather to be taken as general principles policy makers across Europe should take into consideration when adapting to the predominant challenges presented to older workers in their respective Member States.

Full text (PDF 64pp) with lots of very clear graphs and charts which made it, for me, very easy to understand!

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