Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Provider-led Pathways to Work – Net impacts on employment and benefits

DWP Working Paper No. 113 by Genevieve Knight, Sergio Salis, Francesca Francavilla, Dragos Radu, Debra Hevenstone, Elisabetta Mocca and Brittainy Tousley (Policy Studies Institute)

This is the final in a series of evaluation reports examining the Provider Led Pathways to Work. This research was part of a comprehensive evaluation of the Provider-Led Pathways commissioned by DWP in 2008 to provide an independent assessment of the programme’s implementation, claimants’ experiences and outcomes.

The main objective of this impact study was to assess whether Provider Led Pathways helped more incapacity benefits customers move into work or leave benefit than would have done otherwise. The impact analysis was conducted using administrative data (Incapacity Benefits claims and HMRC employment records) and data collected from two large scale telephone surveys with 2007 and 2008 incapacity benefit claimants living in Provider Led Pathways areas and in matched comparison areas which did not have the Provider Led Pathways to provide the counter-factual of not participating in this programme. On average, interviews were conducted 14 months after the claim for benefits.

The learning and experience from the Pathways to Work programme fed into the Work Programme’s design and delivery. The findings will also be incorporated in the evidence base for the disability employment strategy that DWP is looking to develop in 2013.

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Provider Led Pathways to Work Official statistics

Official Provider Led Pathways to Work statistics, including data on starts and job entries, can be found on the DWP statistics pages.

The final statistics on Provider-Led Pathways to Work produced by the Department for Work and Pensions were released on 25th October 2011.

Read the report (PDF 98pp) ISBN: 9-781-78153-168-6

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