Thursday, 28 February 2013

Part-time working by students: is it a policy issue, and for whom?

an article by Erica Smith (University of Ballarat, Australia) and Wendy Patton (Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia) published in Journal of Education and Work Volume 26 Issue 1 (2013)


This paper uses data from interviews with representatives of national and state organisations that have a policy interest in student-working in Australia.

The interviewees included representatives from employer bodies and trade unions as well as government organisations. The data are used to discuss these stakeholders’ perceptions of the main advantages and disadvantages of working by young full-time students and the ways in which organisations in the business and educational sectors have adapted their policies and practices for student-working.

The analysis is then used to inform a discussion about whether this is a legitimate area for public policy formulation and if so, what principles might underpin such policy and what some policies might look like.

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