Thursday, 14 February 2013

HE lite: exploring the problematic position of HE in FECs

an article by Rob Creasy (York St John University, UK) published in Journal of Further and Higher Education Volume 37 Number 1 (January 2013)


Higher education in further education colleges has a long history and has expanded in recent years. However, higher education in further education colleges is often treated as being unproblematic.

This paper rejects the argument that higher education is simply a level of study, noting that it is a contested concept. As such, the paper seeks to establish a robust definition of just what higher education is.

It recognises that the higher education sector is characterised by diversity but argues that, in spite of the differences that exist between higher education institutions, there are certain issues relating to the further education sector that mean that higher education in further education colleges is likely to differ from that in higher education institutions.

The paper considers that New Public Management reinforces these differences and, when taken alongside recruitment problems within the further education sector, questions whether or not the development of higher education in further education colleges should be welcomed.

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