Monday, 25 February 2013

Parental Problem Drinking and Adolescent Psychological Problems: The Moderating Effect of Adolescent–Parent Communication

an article by Christine McCauley Ohannessian (University of Delaware, USA) published in Youth & Society volume 45 Number 1 (March 2013)


The primary aim of this study was to examine whether adolescent–parent communication moderates the relationship between parental problem drinking and adolescent psychological problems.

Surveys were administered to a community sample of 1,001 adolescents in the spring of 2007.

Results indicate that paternal problem drinking was associated with adolescent alcohol use, whereas maternal problem drinking was associated with adolescent depression.

In addition, open adolescent–parent communication specifically acts as a protective factor for girls but not for boys. These results highlight the need to consider both the gender of the adolescent and the gender of the parent when examining the adolescent–parent relationship.

Hazel’s comment:
There are so many things going on in the lives of many of our young people that need to be “sorted” before we can begin to help them realise their potential in terms of career. The excessive drinking of a parent is only one of these things that can ruin a young person’s life before it’s got properly started.

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