Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Flexicurity under the spotlight

via Eurofound News March 2012

Flexicurity, the concept of balancing flexibility – as sought mainly by employers – with security – as demanded mainly by employees – became a popular policy approach during periods of growth in the EU pre-recession.

Recent Eurofound research has been examining how flexicurity is faring in economically difficult times, where it has become much more difficult to provide security and where all the flexibility in the world will not help companies if there is no demand for their products.

Interestingly, the findings reveal that, the current economic climate notwithstanding, there are many public support instruments in use across Europe that support flexicurity. They may not be explicitly labelled flexicurity measures, but they do attempt to balance the twin aspects of flexibility and security.

Eurofound’s research report, The second phase of flexicurity, will be [now has been] launched in Brussels on 20 March, at a specially convened social partners’ lunch debate on the subject of flexicurity.

At the same event, Eurofound will also present its latest edition of Foundation Findings, on the same subject, which draws on upcoming research on flexicurity at the company level.

Both reports are part of the resource pack on flexicurity

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