Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Unemployed Adults’ Career Thoughts, Career Self-Efficacy, and Interest: …

Any Similarity to College Students?

 an article by Emily Bullock-Yowell, Lindsay Andrews, Amy McConnell and Michael Campbell (Department of Psychology, University of Southern Mississippi) published in Journal of Employment Counseling Volume 49 Issue 1 (March 2012)


Little empirical knowledge about unemployed adults exists during a time when this group needs substantial career assistance. Because there is greater empirical understanding of college student career development compared with what is known about unemployed adults, a chi square and analyses of covariance were used to compare the career thinking, self-efficacy, and interests of 169 unemployed adults seeking public job center assistance with that of 200 college students.

Additionally, a diverse sample of 2,444 unemployed adults is demographically reviewed. Unemployed adults reported a higher level of Realistic interests and similar levels of negative career thinking and career decision-making self-efficacy compared with college students.

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