Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A Faceted Taxonomy for Rating Student Bibliographies in an Online Information Literacy Game

an article by Chris Leeder, Karen Markey and Elizabeth Yakel (University of Michigan) published in College & Research Libraries Volume 73 Number 2 (March 2012)


This study measured the quality of student bibliographies through creation of a faceted taxonomy flexible and fine-grained enough to encompass the variety of online sources cited by today’s students. The taxonomy was developed via interviews with faculty, iterative refinement of categories and scoring, and testing on example student bibliographies. It was then applied to evaluate the final bibliographies created in BiblioBouts, an online social game created to teach undergraduates information literacy skills. The scores of players and nonplayers were compared and showed a positive impact from the game. Findings of the evaluations of these student bibliographies are discussed.

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