Monday, 23 April 2012

Dungeons and downloads: collecting tabletop fantasy role-playing games in the age of downloadable PDFs

an article by Dan Sich, (The D.B. Weldon Library, The University of Western Ontario, London, Canada) published in Collection Building Volume 31 Issue 2 (2012)


This paper aims to provide libraries with collections advice regarding fantasy role-playing games.
Current and emerging publication and sales models of pencil and paper, tabletop fantasy role-playing games are explored. Details of print, print-on-demand, free and purchasable downloads, and subscription-based options for major fantasy role-playing games and alternatives are provided.
Many options are available to libraries wishing to provide support for fantasy role-playing game programming. While an overwhelming quantity of publications are often available for purchase, usually only a bare minimum is required to run a role-playing game. Free or modestly priced options are available for libraries on a shoestring budget. Libraries interested in supporting fantasy role-playing game programming with collections need not spend much. Spending less on collections requires a greater amount of imagination, socializing, creativity, collaboration and literacy on the part of program participants.
Many libraries are interested in supporting fantasy role-playing games with collections, but do not know where to start. While much is being written about gaming in libraries, little has been written to help libraries navigate current role-playing game book publication and sales models.

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