Monday, 16 April 2012

The family-relatedness of work decisions: …

A framework and agenda for theory and research

 an article by Jeffrey H. Greenhaus (Drexel University, USA) and Gary N. Powell (University of Connecticut, USA) published in Journal of Vocational Behavior Volume 80 Issue 2 (April 2012)


Due to global trends such as the increased labour force participation of women, the growing presence of dual-earner couples and single parents in the labour force, and changing values regarding the importance of life balance, individuals’ work decisions are being increasingly influenced by family considerations. However, the “family-relatedness” of work decisions, or the extent to which family situations are considered in these decisions, has not been systematically examined.

We propose a framework to examine the family-relatedness of work decisions and a broad agenda for future theory and research to test and extend the framework.

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