Monday, 16 April 2012

Labour market flows: Facts from the United Kingdom

an article by Pedro Gomes (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain) published in Labour Economics Volume 19 Issue 2 (April 2012)


This paper documents a number of facts about worker gross flows in the United Kingdom for the period between 1993 and 2010.
Using Labour Force Survey data, I examine the size and cyclicality of the flows and transition probabilities between employment, unemployment and inactivity, from several angles.
I examine aggregate conditional transition probabilities, job-to-job flows, employment separations by reason, flows between inactivity and the labour force and flows by education.
I decompose contributions of job-finding and job-separation rates to fluctuations in the unemployment rate.

Over the past cycle, the job-separation rate has been as relevant as the job-finding rate.

JEL classifications
E24; J60

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