Thursday, 12 April 2012

Adopting organisation learning theory in the classroom: advancing learning through the use of blogging and self-reflection

an article by Margee Hume published in International Journal of Learning and Change Volume 6 Number 1/2 (2012)


An examination of current literature found a rudimentary number of papers canvassing the role of online blogging in advancing student learning. This paper evaluates the use of online student blogs to increase learning outcomes for the lecturer and the student and offers an original approach to this important topic.

The paper examines students over four years including six semesters and their responses to the use of blogs and discussion boards as a key part of learning and reflection.

The paper adopts the classroom and the organisation and looks at how the blogging process moves students from a single-loop learning process to double-loop learning and reflection and enhances the learning and reflection for the educator. The paper adopts an organisational learning approach and demonstrates an increased student satisfaction as measured by student evaluations and increased self-reflection on content specific knowledge, improved individual learning and overall classroom learning.

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