Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Gender Similarity or Gender Difference? Contemporary Women’s and Men’s Career Patterns

an article by Lona Whitmarsh and Diane Keyser Wentworth (Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, NJ) published in The Career Development Quarterly Volume 60 Issue 1 (March 2012)


Career development research has often explored gender differences in, and development of, career patterns (Gottfredson, 2006). Hyde’s (2005) meta-analysis indicated that men and women shared more similarities than differences. Applying Hyde’s gender similarities hypothesis to careers, the authors conducted a 2-stage study.

Stage 1 was an analysis of career choices of couples (a socioeconomically and educationally advantaged group) announcing their wedding in the New York Times.

Stage 2 was a comparison of a New York Times wedding cohort with a cohort from 11 other U.S. newspapers, examining national trends and exploring generalizability of the findings from Stage 1 of the study.

Results revealed that there are shifting trends in career choices, most notably in the legal profession.

Hazel’s comment:
The article is actually more interesting than the abstract led me to believe it might be. If you have access to full text for this journal then it’s worth reading.

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