Thursday, 20 December 2012

5 Reasons Why Your New Bachelor’s Degree Is Worthless

With the increasing cost of college tuition, student loan debt, job scarcity, and opportunities for entrepreneurship online, is it any wonder that grads are wondering: “was getting my degree worthwhile?”

Well, that’s up to you do to decide says Elizabeth Seda writing in Lifehack – Tips for Life.

Before you read on please remember that this post was written by an American for an American readership! Some of the points may not apply at all in the UK and some only in part or only at some institutions.

5 Reasons Why Your Bachelor’s Degree Is Worthless
  1. Academic Inflation
    In 1970, only 26% of middle-class workers had education beyond high school. Today, almost 60% of all jobs in the US require a higher education.
  2. The Illusion of Safety
    What used to be a guarantee of safety and stability has recently turned into an exercise in musical chairs. There aren’t enough jobs for everyone, and you find yourself scrambling to not be the odd man out.
  3. Drowning in Debt
    On average, the cost for one year of attendance at four-year public college or university costs 40% of a family’s income, and on average, approximately 40% of students leave school with a debt of $22,000.
  4. The Source of Creativity
    People seem to think that the simple act of attending college makes you more innovative and creative. That’s simply not true.
  5. Your Professors Aren’t Concerned About Your Education
5 Reasons Your New Bachelor's Degree Was Worth The Effort
  1. You’ll Be Better Off With One Than Without One
  2. Head-Fake Learning
  3. Experience
  4. Intellectual Stimulation 
  5. It’s Really Fun
    You have your entire life in which to work: even if you end up being self-employed, work is never going to be as carefree as college was.
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