Monday, 31 December 2012

Exploring the career construction interview for vocational personality assessment

an article by Susan R. Barclay and Lori A. Wolff (The University of Mississippi, USA) published in Journal of Vocational Behavior Volume 81 Issue 3 (December 2012)


This mixed-methods study explored the validity and usefulness of the Career Construction Interview (CCI) with college students (n = 83) from a midsize Southern university.

Using Pearson’s r correlations, comparisons were made between the three-letter RIASEC Strong Interest Inventory (SII) theme code and RIASEC theme codes derived from coding the CCI narratives of the participants.

Results indicated moderate correlation between the CCI and SII participant results.


► We ascertain whether coders can develop RIASEC theme codes from narrative CSI question responses.
► We explore validity of the CSI, comparing coded results to Strong Interest Inventory (SII) results.
► Intraclass correlations indicate strong interrater reliability.
► Overall moderate correlation exists between CSI and SII participant results.

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