Monday, 24 December 2012

Learning and innovation in enterprises

a cedefop research paper (number 27) authorship unknown


The potential of vocational education and training (VET), including workplace learning, to foster innovation has not yet been fully exploited. There is a need for improvements in synergies between policies for innovation, business development and learning in enterprises.

What are the links between work organisation, workplace learning, training and innovation?

How can workplaces be developed that are conducive to learning and innovation?

In Europe, are there any examples of policy initiatives and publicly funded programmes that combine innovation and skills development being applied in enterprises?

If so, how do they differ and how do they operate?

Which types of programmes are used to foster the innovative ability of enterprises?

This report looks at innovation and learning in enterprises and examines the role that VET and learning-conducive working environments play in fostering enterprises’ innovative capacity. It covers the EU-27 plus Norway and analyses the impacts of learning-intensive forms of work organisation and learning on innovation in enterprises. Furthermore, it provides an overview of programme portfolios in the various European countries and analyses the impacts of publicly funded innovation programmes on the innovative ability of organisations.

Full text (PDF 168pp)

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