Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Qualifications, examinations and assessment: views and perspectives of students in the 14–19 phase on policy and practice

an article by Jannette Elwood (Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland) published in Cambridge Journal of Education Volume 42 Issue 4 (December 2012)


This paper brings to the forefront students’ views on one of the most significant aspects of educational reform in the 14–19 phase in England, specifically qualifications, examinations and assessment reform.

In this respect, the paper foregrounds students as ‘policy actors’, they are significant players in the mediation of national qualification systems rather than just subjects in their implementation. Data from a national dataset of focus groups with 243 students are presented.

Key themes are highlighted relating to young people’s experiences of qualifications, examinations and assessment at this stage of education in a context of continuous initiatives and change as well as the impact on students of qualifications reform in situ which can be confusing, unsettling and ultimately detrimental to future success.

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