Monday, 5 November 2012

Long-term Unemployment 2012

a European Employment Observatory Review

There is no abstract or summary for this document so I have decided that the best (i.e. easiest for me) way of bringing you an indication of the content is:

Table of contents
  1. Recent trends in long-term unemployment in Europe
    1. LTU trends in the EU in recent years
    2. EU policy developments connected with the reduction of LTU
  2. Incidence of LTU across different groups
    1. Impact of the crisis on LTU according to age and gender
    2. Impact of the crisis on LTU according to region of residence
    3. Impact of the crisis on LTU according to educational level
    4. Impact of the crisis on LTU according to immigrant or ethnic minority background and nationality
    5. Impact of the crisis on LTU according to job sectors/occupations
    6. Other factors affecting the risk of LTU 15
  3. Factors driving transitions into and out of LTU
    1. Beveridge curves and the relationship between vacancy and unemployment rates
    2. Structural causes of LTU
      1. Skills mismatches
      2. Geographical mismatches
      3. Tax and social welfare disincentives for reducing LTU
      4. High levels of employee protection
      5. Employers’ social security contributions, low wages, undeclared work
      6. The role of economic restructuring and its contribution to LTU
      7. Other factors contributing to the persistence of LTU
  4. Policies to prevent and tackle structural unemployment and LTU
    1. ALMPs
      1. Training measures
      2. Wage subsidies and employer contribution exemptions
      3. Job creation schemes: public works
      4. Prevention: early intervention approaches and profiling
      5. Problems identified with existing ALMPs or improvements needed
    2. Policies to reduce skills shortages or anticipate skill needs or re-skilling the long-term unemployed
    3. Unemployment benefit systems
    4. Other policies measures to reduce LTU
  5. Conclusions
Full text (PDF 50pp)

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