Friday, 16 August 2013

Empirical Study of Cyber Harassment among Social Networks

an article by Joanne Kuzma (Worcester Business School, University of Worcester, Worcester, UK) published in International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction Volume 9 Issue 2 (2013)


The growth of Online Social Networking sites has brought new services and communication methods to consumers. However, along with benefits, serious problems such as online cyber harassment have recently come to the forefront of the electronic media. This behaviour can have significant negative effect on individuals, businesses and the social networks.

Some sites have begun to provide some levels of protection and create specific anti-harassment policies in their terms of service along with implementing protection technologies. However, these protective measures are not consistent among social media, leaving some consumers at greater risk.

This study analysed 60 worldwide social sites and determined the level of cyber-harassment protection. It reviewed statistical differences among geographical-based social networks. The results showed significant gaps among various social networks, but suggests methods for improving consumer safeguards to provide consistent levels of protection.

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