Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Impact of Distance to Nearest Education Institution on the Post-compulsory Education Participation Decision

an article by Andy Dickerson and Steven McIntosh (University of Sheffield, UK) published in Urban Studies Volume 50 Number 4 (March 2013)


This paper uses data sources from England with the unique capacity to measure distances between home addresses and education institutions, to investigate, for the first time, the effect that such distance has on an individual’s post-compulsory education participation decision.

The results show that there is a small overall effect.

However, when attention is focused on young people who are on the margin of participating in post-compulsory education (according to their prior attainment and family background) and when post-compulsory education is distinguished by whether it leads to academic or vocational qualifications, then greater distance to nearest education institution is seen to have a significant impact on the decision to continue in full–time post-compulsory education.

And I suppose we could have deduced this but it feels good to have it confirmed.

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