Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Another EMA is possible

via Toni Pearce (Vice President (Further Education) for the National Union of Students

Lack of evidence appears to be a major theme of our current government’s waves of reform.

The scrapping of EMA was one of the biggest travesties in education policy of the last few years. Its removal flew in the face of all reliable evidence – evidence that showed enormous success rates with regards to post-16 educational retention. But we can do better.

And yes, we’ve always had the evidence and the arguments that say what they’re doing is wrong; but we also now have the evidence to go one step further and say how things should be reformed, based on what we know to be true. Thanks to the Pound In Your Pocket research, we now have an insight into how we might create a system that is fairer and more equitable.

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Hazel’s comment:
It’s not only the lack of evidence on which the government bases its policy decisions that gets me angry but that when research shows that the policy is counter-productive it’s firmly suppressed.

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