Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Dear reader

Yes, you – and you – and you – and you – and you – and you etc

I have been struggling over recent weeks to get eight good blog posts every weekday and have realised the stupidity of continuing to thrash my way through looking for journal articles that are vaguely interesting just to make up an arbitrary number that sort of felt right when I set it as a target. Starting from today I will aim for between four and six (extra if there are Statutory Instruments on benefits and/or social welfare issues).

Part of the problem, I am quite sure, is that I am using the news media less and less as a source for blogging. I’m quite happy to quickly push a button and send an article to Twitter where appropriate but so much of what purports to be news is political denunciation. Whether or not I agree with the welfare reforms (and I do know people who do) is irrelevant.

I will continue to bring you articles from anywhere that say what is proposed, when the changes come into force and so on but I can see no advantage in quoting from a government press release which is effectively saying how wonderful the government is!

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