Friday, 22 March 2013

Pass the new Life in the UK Test: The Complete Study Guide for 2013

by Celine Castelino and Chris Taylor

The “blurb” from NIACE says:

This complete and fully up-to-date study guide supports those preparing to take the new Life in the United Kingdom citizenship test required for naturalisation or settlement from 2013. It is designed for adults studying on their own, especially those who do not have English as a first language, or for teachers to use as a textbook for a course on citizenship.

This guide contains:
  • official study material with additional information on important topics;
  • illustrations, tasks and activities to help you learn and remember facts and figures;
  • timelines to help you remember dates;
  • advice and tips on study skills and how to prepare for your test;
  • a glossary to aid understanding of difficult words and phrases;
  • a section on the test – covering the types of questions and other information you need to feel more confident;
  • self-assessment exercises and practice tests with answers to help you check your progress; and
  • further sources of useful information on all the main topics in the new handbook.
Having to pass a test to stay in the United Kingdom may feel daunting but this guide is packed with practical advice, information and activities to make the process easier, perhaps even enjoyable.

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ISBN: 9-781-86201-702-3
Price: £11.95

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