Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Work Volition and Job Satisfaction: Examining the Role of Work Meaning and Person–Environment Fit

an article by Ryan D. Duffy, Kelsey L. Autin and Elizabeth M. Bott (Department of Psychology, University of Florida) published in The Career Development Quarterly Volume 63 Issue 2 (June 2015)


Building on core principles within the Psychology-of-Working Framework (PWF; Blustein, 2006, 2008), the authors examined mediators that may explain the link between work volition and job satisfaction among employed adults (135 women, 145 men).

A structural equation model was tested hypothesizing that person–environment fit and work meaning would fully mediate the work volition–job satisfaction link.

Results suggested that the reason work volition related to job satisfaction was because of stronger perceived fit with one’s work environment and greater perceived meaning at work. In total, the predictor variables accounted for 82% of the variance in job satisfaction.

Based on these findings, clinicians are encouraged to help clients understand the unique factors that may be limiting their work volition and to specifically target barriers that are amenable to change.

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