Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Time Perspective and Vocational Identity Statuses of Emerging Adults

an article by Brian J. Taber (Department of Counseling, Oakland University) and Maureen S. Blankemeyer (Department of Human Development and Family Studies, Kent State University) published in The Career Development Quarterly Volume 63 Issue 2 (June 2015)


Achievement of a vocational identity is an important developmental task for individuals entering adulthood.

The present study examined relationships between vocational identity statuses and time perspective in a sample of 165 emerging adults. Results of a canonical correlation analysis identified 2 interpretable variates.

The 1st variate indicated that diffuse vocational identity status is associated with negative views of the past and lower orientation toward the future.

The 2nd variate indicated that achieved vocational identity is associated with a largely hedonic view of the present, along with being mindful and less inclined to be fatalistic.

These results suggest that differing views on time perspective accounts for some of the variation in different vocational identity statuses. Interventions based on time perspective may prove useful in helping individuals attain an achieved vocational identity.

Future research should examine how time perspective relates to vocational identity status in individuals at later stages of career development.

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