Friday, 24 July 2015

The Mental Health Crisis Grows On: A Descriptive Analysis of DOC Systems in America

an article by Kristie R. Blevins and Irina R. Soderstrom (Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, USA) published in Journal of Offender Rehabilitation Volume 54 Issue 2 (2015)


Research has established that a large portion of prisoners have diagnosed mental health problems.

Although the importance of providing mental health treatment for prisoners has been recognized, it is not clear what services state prison systems offer. The current study uses data obtained from content analyses, mail surveys, and phone interviews of mental health chief administrators of state prison systems to describe the norm in terms of mental health care and related services provided to state prison inmates.

Findings indicate that most systems have dedicated and competent mental health staff working in their systems and that state systems are committed to providing needed services to inmates with mental illnesses.

There are, however, also several obstacles, such as a lack of adequate staffing and resources, limited housing and bed space for prisoners with mental illnesses, and a lack of post-release services.

Hazel’s comment:
I wonder if the situation is better or worse in the UK. I suspect worse, probably a lot worse.

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