Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Precarious lives, precarious labour: family support and young men’s transitions to work in the UK

an article by Abby Hardgrove and Linda McDowell (University of Oxford, UK) and Esther Rootham (National University of Singapore) published in Journal of Youth Studies Volume 18 Issue 8 (2015)


This research is about young people, family support and transitions into the workforce.

We provide the results of a comparative, qualitative study with young men in two southern English towns. We argue that relationships of support in families are vital to young people’s ability to ‘navigate’ precarious labour market opportunities.

As Youth Studies has become increasingly preoccupied with individualism, we are compelled to draw attention to the collective support that is necessary to ‘launch’ the life trajectories of young people who are transitioning into an economic environment marked by insecurity and uncertainty.

We conclude with recommendations for future research.

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