Monday, 27 July 2015

DWP Work Programme: how is it performing?

In the June 2015 Inclusion Comment Duncan Melville, Inclusion Chief Economist, said

“This month marks the fourth year anniversary of the start of the Work Programme in June 2011. Hence, it is timely to look back and consider how the programme has performed and lessons for the future.

The Work Programme can be considered a success for those who are more job ready and in receipt of JSA. However, for those more distanced from the labour market, the programme has been much less successful. For claimants of ESA, less than 15%, and in some cases less than 10%, have achieved a sustained job outcome within two years.

With the nature of the follow on to the Work Programme currently under consideration, the needs of the most disadvantaged workless need to be addressed if the UK is to achieve Full Employment.”

Read the full Inclusion briefing here. (.docx)

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