Monday, 7 January 2013

The latest assault on disabled people’s benefits

via ToUChstone blog: A public policy blog from the TUC by Richard Exell

Last month Esther McVey, our new Minister “for” Disabled People, published the draft regulations that set out the qualifying rules for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) which is to replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

These new rules will lead to 960,000 fewer people getting help with the extra costs of coping with disability and 400,000 fewer will qualify for an adapted car from the Motability scheme. More than 5,000 jobs in the car industry could be threatened.

By 2018, existing claimants of DLA will have been re-assessed and transferred to PIP.

It’s important to acknowledge that some people will be better off: the Department for Work and Pensions’ revised impact assessment says that, of 1.75 million people who will be re-assessed, 510,000 will be better off and the awards of a further 270,000 will be unchanged.

But the government’s objective of cutting spending on DLA by more than £1 billion has been clear since the 2010 Budget: 510,000 will be worse off and 450,000 people will lose all entitlement.

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