Thursday, 1 November 2012

Time for work, commuting, and parenting? Commuting parents' involvement with their children

an article by Jennifer M. StGeorge and Richard J. Fletcher (University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia) published in Community, Work & Family Volume 15 Issue 3 (2012 )


For most Australian parents, there is continuing tension between work and family commitments. This tension is exacerbated by the need not only to have sufficient time available to children in the family but also for that time to be characterised by nurturance and guidance.

This article reports on a qualitative study that explored how 21 part-time or full-time working parents, who also commute 10–15 hours a week to work, manage both the quantity and quality of their time with their young children (0–5 years).

The study revealed the difficult conditions of commuting and the importance of social support to parents’ well-being, as well as a significant pattern of parent-child interaction which we have described as ‘attentive parenting’.

Parents felt these activities contributed to the parent–child bond and their children’s well-being in spite of an acknowledged lack of interactive time.

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