Friday, 9 November 2012

Religion, public policy and equalizing opportunities

an article by Alison Green and Adrian Barton (University of Plymouth) and Nick Johns (University of Cardiff) published in Critical Social Policy Volume 32 Number 4 (November 2012)


This paper examines the role of Faith-Based Groups (FBGs) in social and public policy. Specifically it provides an analysis of the conflicts that can arise between the culture and values of different FBGs and welfare provision.

Its purpose is to clarify the source of this conflict and to contribute a balanced discussion on how equality legislation should apply to different religious groups.

We commence by providing some historical and policy context, but rapidly move on to discuss very current and contemporary debates that are taking place in FBGs and in government.

The use of a model showing the way that particular social welfare provision contributes to equality of opportunity and/or community cohesion allows the reader to clearly see where the tensions can arise for policy makers in deciding where to allocate provision.

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