Thursday, 1 November 2012

HMV denies new appearance policy bans staff tattoos

by Emma Brant, Newsbeat reporter for BBC Radio 1

Music retailer HMV has defended its new staff appearance policy which asks staff to “cover up tattoos”.

The company’s new guidelines have been criticised as being too strict.

“We’re not trying to ban tattoos,” a HMV statement said. “But if someone does have extensive body art, we expect them to cover this up with their uniform.”

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Hazel’s comment:
Many employers have dress codes, some are clearly expressed in employee handbooks, the more difficult to adhere to are those that are “the way we do things here”.
And many of these dress codes are not in line with what many young people feel is an appropriate style for work.
’Twas ever thus!

Sorry folks but there is nothing new in having to toe someone else’s line in the workplace.
My first full-time job on returning to work after having my children had very strict rules about the clothing that could be worn to the office one of which was that “ladies shall not wear trousers to work unless said trousers are part of a smart suit” which totally ruled out my only trouser suit which was a pale orange satin!! This was not the dark ages, it was 1971.

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