Friday, 2 November 2012

Graduate labour market continues to improve say careers services

press release from AGCAS (Association of Careers Advisory Services)

Heads of higher education (HE) careers and employability services believe that the graduate labour market was more buoyant in the third quarter of 2012 (July to September) than at the same time last year. 80.9% of those surveyed by the Association of Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS) reported that in their experience the graduate labour market was the same or more buoyant (47.6% better, 33.3% same), compared with 4.8% who believed it was less buoyant. 14.3% said they did not know.

This is a more optimistic picture than that of the second quarter of 2012 when 79% of the heads of service said it was more buoyant (43%) or the same (36%) compared to the same period last year.

The graduate labour market is cyclical and so comparisons with the previous quarter of the same year can be misleading. However, 90.9% of respondents reported that the picture was more buoyant or the same as the previous quarter. (54.5% more buoyant, 36.4% the same).

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